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Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson

Within the borders of Trophy Club Park (south from the main gate) is an approximate 600-acre undisturbed land designated as Trophy Club Park Conservation Area (TCPCA).  Much of the native forest still survives, and is largely comprised of mature species.  Native grasses flourish, wildflowers bloom much of the year.  Birds thrive year round, wildlife also abounds.  Eight miles of marked nature trails provide hikers and horseback riders an experience of exploration and sense of tranquility.  Marshall Creek and Denton Creek meander through the area and feed into Grapevine Lake to provide drinking water for surrounding communities.

Keep Trophy Club Wild (KTCW) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, run by volunteers and funded by individual and public contributions is on a mission to offer public education and outreach that aim to protect TCPCA's flora and fauna, watershed for generations to come.

On the list for future expansion is a plan to construct a nature education center near TCPCA.

Nature Education Center Initiative,(NECI), Preliminary Idea Sketch

Nature Education Center Initiative,(NECI), Preliminary Idea Sketch

Our Mission

To promote preservation, conservation and restoration of TCPCA, a small part of the Cross Timbers ecological zone and prairies, to maintain its natural environment through publicity, community education and volunteer recruitment, to raise public awareness of TCPCA as an asset to the community and surrounding areas.

To facilitate use of TCPCA as an education and recreation resources for understanding and experiencing the natural environment.

To collaborate and share like-minded visions and activities with our affiliations and other organizations.


  • Interactive youth programs offering public classes and information about TCPCA

  • Samuel Beck Elementary School Math and Science Project Based Learning Program

  • Field observations

  • Workshops



  • Maintain TCPCA area and trails with minimum disturbance



  • Bluebird nest box monitoring program

  • Bat house, native bee houses

  • Wildlife and plant ID projects

  • Pollinator and butterfly ID projects

  • Seeds collection and propagation

  • Aquatic eco-system monitoring program

  • Invaders of Texas species detect and report program

  • Byron Nelson High School Monarch Project



  • Guided hike

  • Birdwalk

  • Fishing

  • Archery



  • Remove non-native and invasive plants in woodlands and prairies

  • Replanting Cross Timbers eco-region species


 Trophy Club Park | 2885 Trophy Park Dr, TROPHY CLUB, TX 76262

Trophy Club Park borders the northwest edge of Lake Grapevine in Denton County and is comprised of 877 acres that the Town of Trophy Club leases from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for use as a public park.  The area is a part of the larger 11-million-acre Cross Timbers ecological zone that spans from southeastern Kansas, across the prairie and into central Texas.  Cross Timbers and the surrounding prairie were once home to at least two Native American tribes, the Kiowa and Comanche, before settlers arrived in the early 1800's.  The Native American utilized both the flora and fauna of the region in very efficient ways in order to sustain themselves.





Ecoregions Map   

Ecoregions Map