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Question: "I came across an animal all by itself and it seems lost or may need my help. What should I do?


Please read this important article "How & When To Help" before trying to approach any animal >


Still not sure what to do, call the number (above) and they'll help guide you on who to call and what to do next.





GAME WARDENS — DENTON COUNTY (Deer and other larger mammals)


Blackerby, Daron                               817-718-5885

Griffin, Logan B                                 817-653-3833

Mccuistion, Robert W                        817-718-5884

Norris, Jerry                                      817-343-8815

Pokorney, Tristan C                          432-207-2073






NOTE: Small mammals do NOT include deer or deer fawns unless otherwise stated.

Small raptors include smaller birds of prey such as screech owls & kestrels, etc.




Michell Sager — Small mammals (excluding fawns). Specializes in squirrels and cotton-tailed rabbits.

6 am - 10 pm:  817-431-8850   OR    6 am -   9 pm:  817-262-1309





Dr. Greg Moore — Small mammals (no deer); birds (including raptors) 817-481-2014

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