• Denton Creek is the primary

source of water that feeds Lake Grapevine.


• Marshall Creek feeds the lake

from storm drains, as well as processed water from our MUD waste treatment plant.


• Trophy Club’s watershed can

impact the water that flows into Lake Grapevine.





Current Volunteer Opportunities


Water Monitoring Program


Shoreline Clean Up

at Trophy Club Park ~

First Saturday of every month. Spring Season begins March 7th. Meet at the main gate of TCP at 8 AM (lasts 2-3 hours).


(See website for additional information.)


Pick Up Litter On your

Walks: Think about taking a plastic bag on your walk so you can easily pick up litter along

the way.





FUTURE Volunteer Opportunities



Benthos is the community of organisms that live on the bottom or in the sediments of a body of water. Monthly Benthic monitoring is collecting fresh water macro-invertebrates at the same location and same time as the water monitoring.





A watershed is defined by an area or region that drains into a river, river system, or other

body of water.


Trophy Club’s watershed can impact the water

that flows into Lake Grapevine.



how individuals impact our watershed


Our watershed is a CLOSED SYSTEM: Any bad choices we make regarding water will

impact the overall system.


•  STORM DRAINS: Trash, plastic bags of pet waste, run-off from over-fertilized lawns,

yard chemicals and pesticides, oil and grease washed from driveways, etc., deposited

in our storm drains will flow into Lake Grapevine, which eventually feeds into other



• ADDITIONAL POLLUTION: Sourced even more directly by users of the parks around

the lake.


    ~ Do you contribute to the litter on the shoreline trails around the lake by tossing

your snack wrappers and beverage containers or do you carry out more trash than

you brought in?


    ~ Remember whatever you toss either accumulates or gets repositioned by periodic

heavy rains.



Water Monitoring ProGRAM


Monitoring quality of water that feeds into Lake Grapevine. The monitoring is done by Texas Stream Team volunteers, a program established by Texas State University San Marcos which is funded by both TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).


The primary monitoring sites, for the Trophy Club Volunteers, currently are on Denton Creek upstream of the lake near SH377 and along Marshall Creek downstream of the MUD plant. This monitoring is done monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9 AM in the morning. This effort could be expanded to include local school students.




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