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All information courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Information provided is listed from latest revision April 2014.


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Glen Rose Yucca

(Yucca necopina)


Texas endemic; grasslands on sandy soils and limestone outcrops; flowering April-June. Glen Rose yucca is the most common yucca found in the sandy soils of the Western Cross Timbers. It is easily distinguished by its white leaf margins bearing white curly threads, and especially its much-branched flower stalk.


Texas Poppy Mallow

Callirhoe scabriuscula


Like the common winecup, the Texas poppy-mallow has deep red to purple cup-shaped flowers. It grows to a height of 2 1/2 feet or taller. The poppy-mallow usually blooms from May to June. Bees use the flowers for nectar, pollen, and shelter, and help the plants reproduce by spreading pollen between plants. The flowers open each morning 2-3 hours after sunrise and close right before sunset. Within 30-90 minutes after pollination, the flowers close forever. If not pollinated, flowers continue to open each morning for 6-8 days.

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